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Mara’s Avatar
Mara Mar 22, 2017 2311 views

If I choose to be a photographer and later on decide I don't want to do that anymore, what other careers can I pursue that relate to being a photographer?

I don't know exactly what career I want, so I want to know all the careers that relate to photographing. #photography #digital-media

Emmalee ’s Avatar
Emmalee May 20, 2016 1510 views

Is photography something I can study at college?

I would like to be a photographer and am wondering if photography is a possible degree. #college #majors #photography #studies

Muneeb ’s Avatar
Muneeb Jun 15, 2016 1353 views

I have a deep interest in wildlife photography but i am afraid if I could make up to becoming a good photographer, since my parents are insisting me to join in Engineering. I need a solid explanation to convince them to allow me to pursue photography.Help

I am an 7th grade student and i am confused with the career choices ahead. #engineering #photography #technical-design

Miriam ’s Avatar
Miriam Aug 15, 2016 1663 views

Where can i start my entertainment career?

I am in a tight spot but its always been a dream of mine to start being a music producer, and photographer while doing dance, personal training and culinary arts. I really want to start my music, photography and personal training mostly since i feel like it would have more meaning to me. I need...

Millie’s Avatar
Millie May 09, 2016 3441 views

What sort of major is recommended to be a wildlife photographer or videographer?

Would it be better to receive a degree in something to do with wildlife (e.g. biology/zoology) or a degree in film-making? #film #photography #wildlife-biology #videography