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Arima, Trinidad and Tobago

Within 40 mile radius
Rayann’s Avatar
Rayann May 28, 2019 387 views

What is it like going into the Environmental field in terms of workload and tasks?

The environmental field is one of the many things i like but ive been told the job isnt what it seems along with there being job opportunities at all. #environmental

Rayann’s Avatar
Rayann May 28, 2019 345 views

How do you prepare yourself for a career you dont know you want

I have been bouncing of the idea of various fields for a while now . I would just like to be able to have a career and not a job ....whatever it may be. #career-choice

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew May 13, 2019 681 views

Moving into Management

How do you move into management without prior management experience? #management #business

Vicky’s Avatar
Vicky Jan 16, 2018 487 views

Does it matter where I do my undergraduate degree?

I am conseidering if to stay in my country for my undergraduate degree or to go abroad to a higher ranking school to pursue it. #college #undergraduate #college-choice

Vicky’s Avatar
Vicky Jan 16, 2018 523 views

What's the procedure to go into research in the field of astronomy?

I am passionate about physics and mathematics. I would like to go into research , specifically in the field of astronomy. #physics #math #research #astronomy

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