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Passi City, Western Visayas

Within 40 mile radius
C’s Avatar
C Sep 27, 2022 674 views

Any advice about shifting Course in college.

Hi I'm 2nd year taking Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
I've planned to shift course in 2nd sem.. in another school on automotive course.. is it okay to shift? I'm I going back to 1st year if I shift course?? Or continue on 2nd year?? Thank u

Shem’s Avatar
Shem Nov 28, 2021 1578 views

Briefly explain the advantages and disadvantages of computer

I hope you can help me Thank you 😊🙏

christine’s Avatar
christine Jul 28, 2021 729 views

why did you choose coputer science?


Renee Rose’s Avatar
Renee Rose Apr 07, 2021 413 views

Does studying pediatrics difficult?

#teacher #doctor

Luna’s Avatar
Luna Jan 15, 2021 448 views

Hi! I am torn between taking up IT or Computer Engineering courses. Which of the two is a lot easier yet it will give you satisfaction in salary? Thank you!

One more semester and I am an upcoming college student. I need to have a certain decision so that I won't regret it in the future. #student

Mark David’s Avatar
Mark David Dec 21, 2020 458 views

How can avail scholarship?

Im mark taking a bachelor degree at capiz state University pilar satellite college

Yanni Emmanuel’s Avatar
Yanni Emmanuel May 03, 2020 569 views

Does it really need to be a Degree Holder before getting the PPL?

I'm going to college next year and I'm taking the Aviation course, I like asking questions to the professionals about the career I'm talking . #career #college #aviation

Jill’s Avatar
Jill Jan 17, 2017 1561 views

About architure

Well is it true that the math and other units of architecture is really hard??? What type of math there is? Will there be a lot of making model structure? Will there be a lot of reports? I really wanted to take up architecture but the math scares me ,makes me think to just change career choice....

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