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Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Within 40 mile radius
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Janka Apr 06, 2023 426 views

What are good summer programs in Europe for August September?

I am a student from Germany and i won't have semester break before August. I would love to spend my free time from August- mid October studying more and doing some summer schools or other programs in the are of international relations/politics/diplomacy/.. However all the programs in Europe...

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Janka Apr 06, 2023 401 views

Best Universities in the field of International Relations/International Politics?

I am currently graduating in Korean Studies, but i want to do a MA in International Relations/Politics. My goal for the future is to get into the EU or the UN, both of which require a very good degree from a god university. Other than Harvard and LSE (just wayyyy too expensive) what are good...

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Janka Apr 06, 2023 322 views

How do i find more people that inspire me and push me to get better in what i want to do?

In my university I can't seem to find many people that have the same burining desire or goals like me. I have big goals for my future, i want to work in the international field in organizations like the UN, but right now I feel a bit stuck and don't seem to find people or mentors that elevate...

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