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How much student loans can I take with a mechanical engineering starting salary

Updated Branchburg, New Jersey

I am a mechanical engineering sophomore and I recently learned my parent can only contribute about 5% of my college finances. What is an affordable, realistic amount I can take out in student loans so I don't drown in student debt? For more information, I live in New Jersey and my dream job would be located in the New York City area. Thanks. #debt #student-debt #scared #money #loans #financial-aid #engineer #engineering #mechanical-engineering

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Douglas’s Answer

Updated Easton, Massachusetts

A starting salary for a mechanical engineer , 4 years from now and depending upon a lot of variables), could be in the range of $ 60K to $ 80K. Using those numbers, and depending upon how much you can contribute to your education, your school financial aid office should be able to help you arrive at a figure of how much you can borrow..