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Is it possible to branch off into speech and hearing therapy from psychology?

I am considering studying psychology, but is it possible to branch off into forensic psychology or speech and hearing therapy, with a psychology degree and experience as a clinical psychologist?
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5 answers

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Dr. Ray’s Answer

Dear Thaaki, Things may work differently in South Africa, but in the U.S. speech and hearing therapists have a master's degree in that field. They may get an undergraduate degree in psychology but people with master's degrees in psychology would not be able to be licensed as speech therapists. Forensic psychology is a specialty area within psychology and there are master's and Ph.D. programs. In the US you would have to have at least a master's degree to work in this field, and I suspect the same is true in South Africa. I am guessing that there are not enough trained professionals in either field to meet the needs, and you would be helping many people whichever avenue you pursue. I wish you the best in your career pursuits! Ray Finn, Ph.D. Psychologist

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Taaki,

Choosing a Specialization

Bachelor’s Degree: Therapist, some social work positions, Art therapist, music therapist, entry-level social worker

Master’s Degree: Social worker, therapist, counselor, Occupational therapist, licensed clinical social worker

Doctorate: Psychologist, Clinical psychologist, forensic psychologist

All the information that you need about each Psychology Specialization you can find in:


Have a good decision!

Thank you so much! Thaaki S.

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Nancy’s Answer

You will need a master's degree in speech/language pathology or audiology after a master's or bachelor's in psychology to practice these specialties. Your previous coursework may have enough prerequisites if you took biology. See this link:


You may want to explore various jobs with the degree you are already pursuing instead. Not all psych careers are talk therapy only.

Much appreciated; thank you!! Thaaki S.

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Rabbi Misha’s Answer

don't see why not.You May Have to add some new learning to your skill set and things may work a little different in your country than they do here in the U S. but if you know a
speech therapist, enquire with him or her about how a psychologist could help their line of work.

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Alisha’s Answer

Speech therapy is very specialized and would require additional training. Most likely it would require another degree entirely unless you were able to find a joint program.