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Kimmy K. May 16, 2020 248 views

I want to create an educational coloring book. What are the steps to publishing a book?

I'm a young professional and have an opportunity to work with nursing educators to create and publish an educational coloring book. I'm debating between collaborating with an established organization OR doing it independently and selling it on my own. With the help of the organization, I'd...

llc publish publishing books coloring-book trademark publisher copyright california

Dakota G.’s Avatar
Dakota G. May 30, 2020 295 views

Where is a great place to start towards a career in nursing while I'm still in high school?

I am almost 16, and very dedicated in my work. I need an easy place to get introduced into medicine. Thank you for your time....


Jennifer P.’s Avatar
Jennifer P. May 30, 2020 298 views

1) If you do something you love for a living, like writing or playing you r instrument, do you ever get sick of what you love? Does it become a chore rather than a hobby? 2) As an English teacher, what are some hardships you had to face in your career?

I am a future English teacher for secondary education! I have a unique case, I am also majoring in Music at the same. I am an avid piano player and an English book nerd....


Isabelle B.’s Avatar
Isabelle B. Jun 03, 2020 718 views

Has making your hobby and passion, specifically art, as your career, ruined your enjoyment for it?

I have always loved making art and have been told by many that I should go into a line of work with art involved. However, I fear that once it becomes an assignment or requirement, I will find inspiration hard to come by and will no longer enjoy it; therefore, not doing my best work. art...