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Marissa May 24, 2016 1082 views

What is it like to work in an US embassy?

Are there a lot of jobs requiring language skills? #government #language #federal-government #international-affairs #translation #ngos #us-government #embassy

Ena’s Avatar
Ena Apr 26, 2017 874 views

Can I write insight in my resume?

I find that many people write insights in linkedin, of course, I do it too. But I am not sure whether I write it in my resume (work experience or extra curriculum activities). #resume #job-application

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Jan 26, 2018 610 views

Where I do my community services hours ?

I keep asking in different places about if I can do my community service hours there and they keep saying that they don't do that . I want to know if you know some place that I can apply there and solve my situation. #work-ethic

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Kacidy Oct 19, 2020 455 views

How do I learn better?

#working #hardworker #littleconfusing #focus #learning

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Ivanna Sep 21, 2018 520 views

Can you have a unusual hair cut and work in the government?

#government #persetive

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Raquel Oct 19, 2020 275 views

How do I learn better

#work #fastlearner #handson