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Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations - Office and Administrative Support Occupations
San Francisco, California
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Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jan 14, 2021 2313 views

What should I major in if I want to be a neurosurgeon?

I’m a junior in high school and I plan to go to med school to be a neurosurgeon, but I have no idea what to major in. I thought maybe biochemistry, but I’m not sure. #neurosurgeon #surgery #majors #neurosurgery #collegemajor #medicine

Julia Mae’s Avatar
Julia Mae Jan 10, 2021 422 views

How can I get a part time job


sanuji’s Avatar
sanuji Jan 10, 2021 862 views

how to become a zoo keeper and I want to be one

I love to help animals and I would do anything to help these unique animals in the future. Can a 12-year-old be a zookeeper? love to help and make future better! #help #animals

Malvika’s Avatar
Malvika Aug 27, 2018 647 views

What should I major in to become a pharmacist while I am an undergrade?

There aren't many schools in California that have pre-pharmacy as a possible major and I do not have the funds to go out of state. #Majors

Angela’s Avatar
Angela Dec 03, 2020 664 views

How many classes are necessary to go to college?

What classes are needed for colleges and jobs?
#college #jobs #classes #work

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Jan 08, 2021 1784 views

What are Specific Advantages of Being Bilingual in Healthcare?

I'm bilingual and I understand the general usefulness of it, but I'd like a deeper insight into how being bilingual can make a positive impact in healthcare, as well as opportunities relating to it.
#bilingual #healthcare #medicine