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San Francisco, California
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I want to improve on my video editing, film skills, and graphic design skills so that I can work in the film industry as an editor.



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Katie Feb 17, 2023 339 views

What is being a video/film editor like?

Are there daily schedules, or is it a relatively flexible job? Basically, how does a normal day of work look like?

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Katie Feb 17, 2023 1050 views

How do editors find work/commissions?

I am a student in a film class where we do some filming, but mostly editing. I'm considering this for a career, but I don't know how to find work as an editor or how to promote my work/portfolio.

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Katie Sep 27, 2022 1079 views

What does a career in graphic design entail?

I have started doing some graphic designing lately during the summer of 2022, making overlays and some slides for my streamer friends. I might wanna get into this professionally, but for now, am preparing to do this as a side thing. But what does being a professional graphic designer look like...

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Katie Mar 15, 2021 597 views

What courses do I need to clear for an career in the psychology field?

I´m a freshman in high school who wants to major in psychology or related areas. I heard that some courses that you take don´t matter at all or aren´t useful in the career you are in. So I´d like to know to get a heads up. #career #career-choice #career-counseling #job #psychology