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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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Sowmiya Jun 24, 2016 892 views

which is the best college for software engineering?

for my college life #teacher #software #teacher-training

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Sowmiya May 20, 2016 4114 views

Do I need to go to college to become a magician and if so what colleges would I go to?

Is there anything in particular I should study in order to become a professional magician. Are there any colleges are there for this study of magic? Please help me! #teaching #teacher #magazine #magazines #magic

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Sowmiya May 05, 2016 1346 views

How do I become a model?

I like it more #modeling

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Sowmiya Apr 26, 2016 803 views

i have dysgrapia and but how i became a lawyer

i learn by my mother be truthful in lawyer #ios #buffet

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Sowmiya Apr 25, 2016 1586 views

How can I become an Editor at a Newspaper?

I like Narrating Stories ... and i like editing the stories ... so my wish to join as a editor in famous newspaper #journalism #editing #editor #newspapers