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Anina H.’s Avatar
Anina H. May 02, 2016 2130 views

Why should I learn about machine learning?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at Career Village. Because I'm interested in computer science, I always hear people telling me to learn machine learning. Why should I do that, rather than just learn to be a better programmer in general? technology programming...


Guanlong F.’s Avatar
Guanlong F. Feb 28, 2019 540 views

How to become a successful Data scientist?

How to become a successful Data scientist? tech data-science...


Rachel D.’s Avatar
Rachel D. Apr 26, 2021 174 views

What kinds of connections or experiences will I need in order to launch a career in data science?

I am a high school student planning on going to college to major in marine biology and data science. I am looking for what experience or opportunities I should look out for in order to create a successful career in data science after college. career-development career career-choice...

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