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Serenity Apr 19 831 views

What is the work-life balance of an executive?

I'm interested in pursuing Business Management and Administration and Entrepreneurship in college. I was wondering what the work-life balance is like when you are a business executive or a manager. How do you maintain relationships? What are some factors that may affect the work-life balance?...

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CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 22 1129 views

How to become a Consultant?

Share your journey & guide aspiring Consultants on their path.

Note: We've seen a lot of interest in this career, so we're looking for guidance from our community of professionals.

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Adam Jan 18 1297 views

What are the different types of consulting I can get into as a first job?

Recently graduated and am looking for entry level positions that will lead into consulting positions

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Evelyn Apr 10 510 views

Qualifications of being an architect ?

What best colleges can i apply for a course in accounting