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Orville Thomas

Hedge Fund Consultant
Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
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Bella Sep 29, 2021 386 views

What is something you've learned from your job?

Is what you've learned helpful to your job or everyday life? #job

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Khiem Sep 28, 2021 669 views

How to not feel overwhelmed in college

#college #school #college-advice

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feara Sep 21, 2021 533 views

advice for a career in law

what courses should I take in high school to prepare for a career in law? #law #lawyer #law-school #law-practice

Somaiya’s Avatar
Somaiya Jul 01, 2021 1301 views

Financial advice for current 18 year olds. How should we begin to accrue our wealth?

Hello, I am turning 18 this year and I am thinking of ways to be more financially independent. Moreso what steps I should be taking at this age to build and compound my wealth for the future. Let me know! #finance #money

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Chantelle Aug 30, 2021 404 views

I'm a highschool student who wants to be part of the law field , but now it's term 3 and I have to choose my subjects and I'm so confused because if I take history I'll have to choose EGD and I'm not good in drawing , if I take life science I'll have to take Geo and I don't enjoy Geo , I'd I pick business studies I'll have to take consumers and I don't like consumers , I'd I have to take business studies with cat I have to take accounting and I'm not good at that so I'm so confused

I'm a highschool student who would want to be a lawyer , any kind is okay with me . I would've taken Criminal law but I'll have to be in court and I'm nervous. I'm an introvert. And hopefully I'll just be a lawyer. I enjoy sports and I'm multi talented #business #lawyer #criminal-justice #college

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Shauna Sep 01, 2017 605 views

How difficult would it be to have two majors in college?

I want to major in Secondary Education- Mathematics, but I'm also interested in Elementary Education. #college-majors

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Delaney Apr 26, 2018 870 views

I plan on double majoring in Theatre Arts & International Relations...Is it going to be too much work?

I want to go to law school after college and I need to work hard to get there. Will these majors look impressive to law schools?

#college-majors #law-school