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San Francisco, California
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I want to do programming as more of a hobby. Preferably in creating games or websites.



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Jonathan Sep 27, 2022 384 views

Entertaining jobs?

Like are they fun to a part of? Basically something that wouldnt have you sitting at a desk the whole time.

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Jonathan Mar 25, 2022 702 views

How friendly is the atmosphere in the industry of game design? Does the industry treat people well?

Like is it a welcoming career and such, all I really know is that there is good pay

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Jonathan Mar 25, 2022 435 views

What was the first game you created?

This question is mainly for game designers, just trying to see where people usually start off,

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Jonathan Jan 28, 2022 491 views

What paths are usually chosen when getting into game development

#coding #career #career-paths #programming

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Jonathan Jan 28, 2022 432 views

Are there any commonly used game engines for first person games?

#game-design #computer-games #video-games #game-development

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Jonathan Oct 05, 2021 540 views

Are there any good tools to help me create games at home? I see coding more as a hobby so I wonder what the best option for that is.

#video-games #hobby #programming #computers #coding

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Jonathan Sep 14, 2021 776 views

What is the best general purpose language that I can learn.

I am interested in coding and I enjoy doing it. #computer #programming #coding