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North Carolina, NC
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Lauren S. Mar 12, 2018 351 views

What is life like at NC State University?

I am interested in NC State University, and will be taking a tour this spring with my class. I am wondering what the experience is like there. University...


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Angel M. Aug 12, 2018 399 views

How do I stop procrastinating

help I can never seem to stop procrastinating and its a bad...

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Addie J. Oct 30, 2020 207 views

What universities are best for the Dentistry and Chiropractic?

I’m torn between setting off toward being a chiropractor or a dentist....chiropractor...


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Bongani T. Aug 16, 2021 207 views

I am looking to find a career, for financial freedom?

I like money, I like spending money, I am looking to be a millionaire, I like making people smile and I am looking for a passion other than music. music money business career-counselling...