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Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Prem Sep 19, 2021 433 views

What should I do inorder to enter into product management role after my MBA?

I would like to pursue a product management role after my MBA. Can you help me with what are the steps that I should follow? Note:- I'm not a coder #business-management

Mathew’s Avatar
Mathew Sep 15, 2016 1632 views

How to start preparing towards a career in data science ?

I'm looking forward to starting a career in data science and I'm doing my master's right now. So, any information regarding this will be helpful for me. #data-science #databases #python #data-analysis #big-data #hadoop

feara’s Avatar
feara Sep 21, 2021 533 views

advice for a career in law

what courses should I take in high school to prepare for a career in law? #law #lawyer #law-school #law-practice

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Andy Aug 14, 2018 1353 views

With continued advances in technology, how often do accountants learn new software to do their job? What are some of the most common ones currently used?

#job #accounting #technology #excel #computers

Brian’s Avatar
Brian Sep 15, 2021 409 views

How competitive is the computer science environment and how can I succeed in it?

I am a high school student interested in majoring and pursuing a career in #computer-science.

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Shuk Man Sep 15, 2021 384 views

How can I find what career I am interested in?

I don't know I want to do in the future so I am asking this question. #career