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Jeffreyj Aug 23, 2023 723 views

When is a good time to hire a rep or publicist or rep ? How do you go about finding one worth their salt?

Hi, I'm looking to get in more galleries with my work. I've had luck with my rep in NY, they even took my work to Art Miami ( Basel week), but really need more locations to sell. In-person viewing is really the only way i sell art. I'm looking for advice on where to find a coach or rep, or...

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emily May 16, 2023 367 views

what do you like about your career that keeps you coming everyday?

To find out if this job will be a good fit for me , or if i should continue job searching, if people give me ideas why they enjoy there job and maybe if we have the same goals i might enjoy my job; but if they have nothing but negative to say will i even like this job or be around them for the...

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Shaina Apr 07, 2022 1160 views

How to politely end a virtual 1:1 meeting?

I attend my mentoring sessions or general talks with my coach and it sometimes gets awkward because I don't know how to end a meeting like I don't know how to signal that "I've asked all my questions and I have nothing more to ask". What do I say or do?

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Katherine Dec 13, 2021 470 views

What are some lower stress jobs in the nursing field?

I want to work as a nurse ( thinking in pediatrics, or mental health, though not limited to those) but have a somewhat low tolerance to stress. I want to enjoy the work and not feel too overwhelmed. #nurse

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Katherine Dec 13, 2021 734 views

Most enjoyable nursing jobs?

What nursing jobs are the most fulfilling and manageable over time? #nursing #nurse #healthcare