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Julian Sep 29, 2021 512 views

is underwater welding worth it

is underwater welding worth the risk of thousands of feet down #college

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Canming Mar 12, 2022 450 views

Where can I find a suitable career?

I want to research about careers that I want to do during college or after college either working as an intern or a real job.

Land’s Avatar
Land Mar 02, 2022 353 views

What college In Minnesota should I go to for HVAC

I like hands-on activities and I race go-karts at cokado MN #college

Eboni’s Avatar
Eboni Feb 04, 2022 519 views

How can college student support programs adapt to overcome the changes of the pandemic?

As we are in a pandemic, students who are still enrolled are in need of support now more than ever. Support programs need to reach out and help as many students as they can beyond their offices. #studentsupport #counseling #academicadvice

Eboni’s Avatar
Eboni Feb 04, 2022 471 views

What is the best incentive to ensure student retention at community colleges?

As we are in a pandemic, many students are dropping out of college or overall not applying. This is due to many barriers, so what can colleges do to help. #college-advice #college #studentretention #studentsuccess

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Feb 03, 2022 438 views

What are things someone wanting to go into the medical field should adopt?

#medicine #medical #doctor

Helen’s Avatar
Helen Feb 03, 2022 688 views

Where is the best place to find an internship?

#highschool #internships #summer-jobs

Edwin’s Avatar
Edwin Feb 02, 2022 460 views

where can i look for work

#money #volunteer #social-work

Lawrence’s Avatar
Lawrence Feb 02, 2022 369 views

What are the best type of mechanic shops to work in?

I want to be able to work in dealerships or small auto shops #automotive

Jenny’s Avatar
Jenny Feb 02, 2022 539 views

I would like to dive in deeper into the world of computer science, are there any programs I could take over the summer that could help me with it?

# #computer-science #technology

Ching’s Avatar
Ching Jan 28, 2022 452 views

Will the health industry expand or contract, now that we are 2 years into the pandemic?

I am curious to know if the health industry continue to make its large presence in our daily lives. The health industry had invented new vaccines, new medicine, new masks and many other items during the pandemic. However, will the industry continue to thrive when the pandemic is over? #medical...