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Shaina Apr 18, 2022 706 views

Do you find it rude when we don't say 'thank you'?

ALL PROFESSIONALS! Do you find it rude that if we ask a question, we never thanked you for responding? I've seen a ton of discussions in Career Village that professionals don't even get the "thanks" for responding to the question. I got curious if you find it rude hehe I would like to formally...

Janice’s Avatar
Janice Jun 25, 2022 728 views

What if your career goal changes throughout the years?

#careergoal #struggle #longterm

shanell’s Avatar
shanell Jan 19, 2018 624 views

If you want to become an actress but your mind is also set on being a pediatrician what should I do?

I'm really passionate about acting, it's something I see myself doing but I really want to help kids and take care of kids. My heart is leaning towards acting but most people have been telling me it's not a real job and you don't know if you're going to be successful. What should I do?...

Jada’s Avatar
Jada Jul 30, 2021 753 views

How do I become more social ?

I am introverted and in my room a lot, very shy and do not talk to people #any

Deyvon’s Avatar
Deyvon May 24, 2021 1197 views

What's the best career decision you've ever made in your lifetime ?

#career-choice #career-choice #career #careers #professional #director #career-choice #careers #career #career-choice