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Jasmine Feb 27 84 views

What qualities do graduate master's social work programs look for in a student?

What are the most important things that a future therapist should have in terms of the field of social work?

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Jasmine Feb 27 85 views

I want to be an LCSW what do I need to do?

I am a senior in college studying psychology to become a LCSW. I do not have any internships, and my GPA IS 2.6. I am trying to bring that up as close to 3.0 as possible before I graduate next semester. Is there anything else I should have to bolster my application? I also am in a service...

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Rachel Feb 13 50 views

Where can find good classes on nutritional business?

I am becoming a nutrition coach and would like to take some nutritional business classes

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Rachel Feb 13 120 views

How to begin a career as a nutrition coach?

I am a little nervous to dive right into the nutrition business and work with clients on my own. I feel that i should work for someone else first.

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Elizabeth Jan 27 194 views

When should I start applying for colleges ?

When is the best time to apply for college? I am currently a junior in high school and I have already began looking for colleges. I am not sure when I should start applying. I would like to start as soon as possible.

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Ray Jan 12 160 views

What degree should I get if I want to research psychology?

I have no preference for being the head researcher or assistant. Is it easier to get a job if I have a higher degree? Are higher degrees worth my time or is it more cost-effective to stay with my BS?

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Amily Dec 30, 2022 197 views

What does it take to become or get into a Computer Science/Computer Engineering Major?

I heard that getting into a Computer Science major is somewhat getting harder. What does it take to increase your chances of getting accepted to that major/school? Is there a certain volunteer or community service that has to be done? Something related to computers? Are there prerequisite...

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Sarah Dec 06, 2022 288 views

Electrical: What kinds of projects do interns & entry level hires get involved in?

I am a currently enrolled student in Job Corp, I am planning on going into the electrical trade and would love to hear from the perspective of someone who follows into that career.

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Nazir Dec 06, 2022 364 views

How demanding/rewarding is this type of work?

What does a typical day on the job look like?

What does your work schedule look like?

How is the work environment in this type of workforce?

What type of benefits is offered doing this type of work?

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jordan Dec 06, 2022 190 views

how can I start my own company without going to college for businesses administration?

How can I start my own company without going to college for businesses administration?

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Ace Nov 10, 2022 375 views

Is it possible to make a career solely out of photography?

Ever since I’ve started trying to pursue It as a career, I’ve been told that it’s only generally successful as a side job, and having a different career as a main job would be better.

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davondre Nov 09, 2022 96 views

what is it like being an medical assistant

what is it like being a medical assistant

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William Nov 08, 2022 167 views

What is a day in the life of someone in the military?

What are their daily routines, what kind of things are done?

Ivy’s Avatar
Ivy Nov 08, 2022 441 views

What does the life of a bank accountant look like?

Iḿ intrested in learning what a day in the life islike for a Bank Accountant, So far I know that it needs math , but I would like to know what else they do, how they do it and how to get into that career choice

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William Nov 08, 2022 244 views

What education do you need to become a veterinarian?

What type of education do you need to become a veterinarian?

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tyteyona Nov 02, 2022 165 views

How do you have a good balance with life and work?


tyteyona’s Avatar
tyteyona Oct 31, 2022 207 views

what is it like being a nurse ?

what kind of benefits do i get from being a nurse

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anika Oct 30, 2022 370 views

easiest programming language?

what is the easiest programming language to learn?

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LeMarr Oct 14, 2022 239 views


What can I learn or have advice from Telecommunications?

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Tynae Oct 12, 2022 211 views

I have a birth doula certification and currently working on my highschool diploma. I'm trying to decide if pursuing a midwife career is right for me.

How did you go about becoming a nurse midwife? What were you doing before?

What are the requirements to become a nurse midwife?

What are different job options for nurse midwives?

Derek’s Avatar
Derek Sep 23, 2022 149 views

What is a typical day (week) like for you I am seeking a career in the electrical field #electrical-engineering?

I am seeking a career in the electrical field

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Derek Sep 23, 2022 175 views

Does electrician have benefits

I asked this question because its important to know before you enter an job . I feel as benefits says a lot about an job.

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Derek Sep 23, 2022 167 views

Is being a security guard difficult?

The reason I ask you if this job is hard is because I dont like things given to me easily .

Derek’s Avatar
Derek Sep 23, 2022 415 views

does security job really make you happy?

The reason i asked many people this question is because people go to school for years to not be happy with a job they do not like.

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Shavonne Sep 22, 2022 221 views

career related questions

Why are interested In this career? How do you feel about working with other people? What are your plans after High school? How can you make an impact?

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Selena Sep 19, 2022 371 views

what are 3 questions i should ask a student who are working to become CMAs

im a student who wants to become a CMA and i need some good questions to ask a student who is become a CMA but are more far a long then i would be

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Sep 13, 2022 198 views

What are careers other than law where I can leverage my interest in model UN and debate?

I love participating in model UN and am on the debate team. I know law is a related career but I'm thinking about other careers where this skill could be applied but not just in law. I'd love to hear what majors come to mind for someone good at debate and interested in model UN - maybe...

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Sep 01, 2022 302 views

What careers do you think relate to my interests?

Hi everyone, I did some self-reflection to think about my career interests and what to study in college. I’m a high school senior looking to combine interests in public policy, law, and computer science for social impact. Areas of social impact I am interested in are income inequality, health...

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Meleny Aug 18, 2022 206 views

Which skills are most important for a job like yours?

Medical Assistant

Meleny’s Avatar
Meleny Aug 18, 2022 175 views

What is a typical day or week like for you?

Medical Assistant

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