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I don't necessarily have a preference in what field my career ultimately ends up in but I just want a generous income doing something that I at least somewhat enjoy.


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Andrew May 12 103 views

What are some of them most important pieces of advice that you would give to someone about to start their freshman year of college?

I am about to start college next school year and just want to make sure I have all of my bases covered in terms of just knowledge required to get through my first year in one piece. I want to make sure I get my bearings and get used to whatever life awaits me.

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Andrew May 12 126 views

How do I search for summer jobs?

What would be the best way to look for summer jobs or internships? Is there an ideal platform or method of searching?

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Andrew Jan 30 229 views

What career line should I use as a default if I am still deciding on what I want to do?

I have done my college applications and don't know which line of work or which major I would like. I know that there is an undecided category, but I was wondering whether different majors would get me better chances of getting into a good college.

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Andrew Jan 30 218 views

How do I start LinkedIn?

I have been meaning to get into linkedin and am wondering if there is a way to best portray yourself to get the best chances of being reached out to. Is there any information that is vital and is there any information that should be left out?

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Andrew Oct 26, 2022 211 views

How do I network and gain connections?

What is the best medium through which I can make lasting connections in the field of Computer Sciences. Is there a popular website or separate steps I would need to take.

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Andrew Sep 27, 2022 297 views

How does one get started in the Computer Sciences field? What steps have to be taken?

I am looking into the computer sciences field as my choice of career. I have not dedicated this to my career choice as of yet, but it is one of the more promising selections. I just want to know how to get started so that I can delve deeper into my exploration of computer sciences.