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Atwater, California
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Saul'Dia Sep 29 57 views

What would my responsibilities be as a baker's assistant?

I'm asking to get more intel and see what it's like as a baker's assistant

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Saul'Dia Sep 29 424 views

Do you have any tips or advice that you can give me about entering into baking and pastry?

I'm asking so I can have more intel before I start my own business in the future.

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Saul'Dia Sep 29 108 views

What would a typical day look like as a baker's assistant?

I am 20 years old and want to make a career in Baking or Pastry Arts. I enjoy baking for my friends and family and seeing the enjoyment when everyone tries my desserts. I'll like to start as a baker's assistant or something similar to that, so I'm able to get more experience before I branch off...