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Mike McQuilliams

Estimator and Preconstruction Manager
Architecture and Engineering Occupations
La Verne, California
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joshua’s Avatar
joshua Dec 08, 2022 265 views

any tips on becoming a construction worker?

Like what does the day look like?

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Dec 06, 2022 496 views

Electrical: What kinds of projects do interns & entry level hires get involved in?

I am a currently enrolled student in Job Corp, I am planning on going into the electrical trade and would love to hear from the perspective of someone who follows into that career.

Jakob’s Avatar
Jakob Dec 05, 2022 320 views

what type of tools would i need for construction management?

Hi im a san jose job corps student and im currently about to start training for these careers

Kyle’s Avatar
Kyle Dec 09, 2022 380 views

construction managers and engineers

What skills and attitudes do you value most at the workplace and advice when chasing a junior role in the Civil and construction industry?

Chelsey’s Avatar
Chelsey Dec 05, 2022 294 views

For a Carpenter occupation?

For a Carpenter occupation, what is a typical schedule like? What tools should I get familiar with? Are there any free books for beginners that could help me prepare?