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Candy May 04, 2023 350 views

What should I major in.??

I am interested in python script. I started learning it yesterday, and I was wondering what I should major in if I would want to pursue that career. I was questioning computer science or computer programming.

Tianna’s Avatar
Tianna May 07, 2023 821 views

Concerns about Tech....Thoughts?

After reading articles about the Tech Industry, I noticed that many tech professionals are concerned about the job market. Some describe the market as "in a rough place" or "slowing down" due to layoffs from major companies. At the same time, the BLS says that computer and information jobs...

Kalyani’s Avatar
Kalyani Jan 26, 2023 413 views

Can I became a programmer with B.A ?

Does it require degree with skill as well..
And can one handle graphic designing with programming