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zoey Feb 10, 2023 1987 views

career goal statement.

My career goals is to be successful as i can be. some of my long term goals are to go to college and graduate. also go find a good job involving with nursing or thing that i can help people. short terms are getting into the right college. i think that's a short term. but i want what's best for me .

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zoey Feb 09, 2023 1336 views

my career goals!

my career goal to help people. i would like to go to school for nursing or something involved into nursing department. but how do i know if right for me? i would start will in high school learn all the health stuff like about the body etc. then colledge i hope

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zoey Feb 09, 2023 410 views

I need advice

I've heard that nursing can be fun and dangerouse. I've been wanting to do it for a while but I don't know if it's worth it. What do I do? If you can provide advice, thank you.