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Valencia, Valencian Community, Spain
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Clàudia Feb 28 160 views

Which activities should I do to help me gain experience and fill my motivation letter?

Recently I had to do a motivation letter and I realized I didn't have many remarkable experiences to write about. So what would you recommend me to do to fill my motivation letter?

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Clàudia Jul 18, 2023 383 views

Is studying to be a translator a good idea?

The other day, thinking about careers I came across the idea of being a translator as I'm good with languages. Do you think it is a good idea to study that?

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Clàudia Jul 08, 2023 574 views

How can I make friends at a new school and not be nervous?

Next year I'm going to another high school and even tho I know some people there I'm nervous because I don't know the majority of the people.