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Jackson Feb 14, 2014 12160 views

What are some careers if I'm interested in medicine and technology?

I'm interested in medicine because I want to be able to help people, but I also think technology (like computers) is really fun. I'm wondering what careers use both, so that I can combine these interests. #medicine #computer #healthcare #technology #healthcare-technology

Tanaia’s Avatar
Tanaia Oct 01, 2013 27427 views

What computer languages do computer science majors study in college?

I really want to start to learn programming but my high school does not have a programming class. When I go to college I want to major in computer science, so I thought I would try to learn the language that I'm going to be learning in college. What computer languages do computer science majors...

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Oct 01, 2013 11095 views

How did you become confident in your programming abilities?

I started trying to learn to program, and I want to ask professional programmers how you became confident in your skills. Did it take you a long time? When did you know you were really awesome at programming? #engineering #programming #confidence

Augusta Irechukwu’s Avatar
Augusta Dec 26, 2013 3576 views

Is it possible to just start computer programing once I start college?

I know it is encouraged to start before you enter college, maybe take a class in high school or use free online resources, but can a person become a successful computer programer. Either having the passion for it or not having a strong passion but being a hard worker. #college #computer...

Aisha’s Avatar
Aisha Jan 06, 2012 101250 views

What do computer engineers do ?

I'm a freshman in high school who is interesting in technology/computers and i want to know what this career is and what they do.