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kiara Jul 25, 2023 470 views

What kind of schooling does it take to become a professional pastry chef or regular chef?

Is it going to take some fancy school to get to where I want to be? Does it have to be such an expensive school in order to get ahead most of the people becoming chefs?

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kiara Jul 25, 2023 381 views

How do the pastry chef and regular chef jobs differ?

What is the difference between the two jobs? Is one occupation more difficult to handle than the other? What types of chef jobs are there besides the two?

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kiara Jul 25, 2023 428 views

What are most qualifications that someone needs for becoming a pastry chef?

What are the best things that someone can have on their resume in order to get a job? Sound confident in how you are asking the question so you can get clear answers about the question.