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Gurbaani’s Career Goals

I want to be a trauma surgeon and help make the world a safer place :)


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Gurbaani Aug 09, 2023 262 views

How can I go about getting medical internships and apprenticeships as a high schooler?

I live in NJ near Monmouth county and I am having a hard time finding internships and/or apprenticeships. Anyone have any ideas or opportunities?

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Gurbaani Aug 02, 2023 498 views

Is working in healthcare worth it?

Is it worth the time and school to have an MD?

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Gurbaani Aug 02, 2023 349 views

Is it possible for me to have a successful career in medicine with a debilitating mental illness?

I’m bipolar (it’s unclear whether i’m 1 or 2 yet) and I want to pursue medicine. I am in high school currently and am worried I can’t have the future I want.

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Gurbaani Aug 02, 2023 620 views

How should I go about getting leadership positions in school?

Most are popularity contests which introverts and less popular people have no chance of winning.