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English Aug 22, 2016 695 views

Would a science and engineering based college be right for me if I want to go into sports broadcasting?

I've played at least three sports year round my entire life, and so I know I want a career in the sports and entertainment area. But my dream school isn't one known for this major. Do I need to just go away from my life long dream of going to my perfect school? Should I go a school with the...

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Aug 22, 2016 972 views

How important is knowing sports people, broadcasters and people who are in the field of sports entertainment, to get into the business?

I am studying Broadcast Communication at North Central College in Naperville, IL and I want to know if I should contact broadcasting firms and meet people who are already in the field to get into the business. #communications #sports-management #broadcast-media #public-relations

Janae’s Avatar
Janae Aug 12, 2016 1379 views

How competitive is it to get an internship at a company like ESPN for a high school or college student?

If I want to work at a company like ESPN one day, how important is it to get an internship at the company? How difficult would it be? I would have to imagine it's pretty competitive. #sports #internships #human-resources #media

Fin’s Avatar
Fin Aug 15, 2016 1339 views

How did you figure out what you wanted to do within the sports field?

I REALLY want to work in sports, but I don't know what job would be the best fit for me. How did you decide what you'd be best at? #sports #broadcast-media