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Clovis, New Mexico
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I want to be an ultrasound technician and have the possibility to be a traveling one.


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Noel Sep 16 47 views

When looking for scholarships can they follow you to any college you go to?

I am going to applying to scholarships and want to know how to tell which ones are going tofollow me ans which one only apply to certain states.

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Noel Sep 16 45 views

What is going to be the difference with having an associate degree and a bachelor degree in a major?

I am already taking college classes and going to get my associates next year and I would like to strive for a bachelors degree for ultrasound tech. So I was wonder what that difference is going to be.

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Noel Sep 16 31 views

When you are searching for a college how do you see which programs they have?

Is there somewhere specific I have to go to when looking on college academics they have?

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Noel Sep 16 23 views

When trying to be a traveling ultrasound tech is there different steps in school I have to take than being a non traveling one?

With the schooling am I going to have to go through classes that prepare you for that or do you just go straight to it?

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Noel Sep 16 54 views

What are some colleges that have good ultrasound programs?

I am interested in going to school to be an ultrasound tech and I am searching for colleges that have a promising program for it. I am planning to finish with a bachelors.