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Clovis, New Mexico

Within 40 mile radius
Angel’s Avatar
Angel May 09 589 views

Mechanical Engineers, What was the reason you choose Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineers, what was the reason you chose to graduate as a mechanical engineer?, do you like your career? As a job?, do you think you made the right choice picking mechanical engineering instead of civil, software, etc. (other branches of engineering). Im a high school student that...

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Angel Oct 16, 2023 4380 views

Does it matter where you get your college degree from, if you wanna work at a big tech company?

I’m a senior in high school and I want to study computer science to become a programmer, the thing is that college is can be sort of expensive, I wanted to go out of state to a tech school but it is kind of pricey, the thing is that a college near me offers a computer science program as well...

Noel’s Avatar
Noel Sep 16, 2023 382 views

When looking for scholarships can they follow you to any college you go to?

I am going to applying to scholarships and want to know how to tell which ones are going tofollow me ans which one only apply to certain states.

Noel’s Avatar
Noel Sep 16, 2023 1463 views

What is going to be the difference with having an associate degree and a bachelor degree in a major?

I am already taking college classes and going to get my associates next year and I would like to strive for a bachelors degree for ultrasound tech. So I was wonder what that difference is going to be.

Allison’s Avatar
Allison Sep 16, 2023 290 views

How far did you go into your degree and was it difficult?

I want to go all way to get my doctorate but I am nervous about the work that comes with it.

Allison’s Avatar
Allison Sep 16, 2023 1273 views

How did you know you wanted to pursue your career?

Did you know right away?
What made you want to do this career?

Noel’s Avatar
Noel Sep 16, 2023 357 views

When you are searching for a college how do you see which programs they have?

Is there somewhere specific I have to go to when looking on college academics they have?

Allison’s Avatar
Allison Sep 16, 2023 706 views

Which colleges have the best psychology programs?

I have a few ideas on which ones do but I want more insight.

Mario’s Avatar
Mario Sep 16, 2023 565 views

How much does a detective get paid a year?

I am in 10th grade and i would like to see how much a detective gets paid for i can see if i want to become one.

Zachary’s Avatar
Zachary Sep 16, 2023 304 views

how do i get a good job

how do I get a good job

Allison’s Avatar
Allison Sep 16, 2023 336 views

What kinds of Psychology majors are there?

I want to go into the forensic aspect of psychology to be involved in criminal investigations but I do want to do what other fields there are.

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Sep 16, 2023 403 views


If i get a interveiw with managmnt what should i ask them about the job?

Estrella’s Avatar
Estrella Sep 16, 2023 403 views

how does doctors get there degree?

how hard is it to get a degree?

Maricela’s Avatar
Maricela Sep 16, 2023 289 views

Is there good internships at your school?

Could be anywhere

Noel’s Avatar
Noel Sep 16, 2023 520 views

When trying to be a traveling ultrasound tech is there different steps in school I have to take than being a non traveling one?

With the schooling am I going to have to go through classes that prepare you for that or do you just go straight to it?

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