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Jayson’s Career Goals

My end goal is to work for a games company called "Riot Games" after I have about 5-10 years of experience in game design/programming.


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Jayson Oct 02, 2023 391 views

What does a game design position entail?

I am looking into the game creation world and seeing a lot of titles with game design in them I know mostly what It means but am not 100% sure what they do day to day. and what should I look into doing in order to get a job with that title?

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Jayson Sep 28, 2023 242 views

What are some position recommendations for someone who is dipping their toes into the programming field?

I am still a high school student, but I'm trying to learn semantics for potential beginner jobs in the programming field, specifically related to the creation of games/game design.

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Jayson Sep 28, 2023 426 views

What are potential fallback jobs in the technology/coding field?

I am looking into potential positions in the programming field and wondering what a few fallback jobs are if things go awry.

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Jayson Sep 28, 2023 688 views

I have an interest in computer science, what are some out-of-school activities that could help me prepare for this field?

I am also looking for potential highschool classes to take.