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Elaina Dec 01, 2023 361 views

What do psychiatrists do in their day to day jobs?

What does an average day look like? Some things I saw said you can make a lot of money doing it, is that the case? What did college look like in majoring for this?

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Elaina Nov 15, 2023 285 views

What college did you go to and what impact did it have on your career?

What schools have good psychology classes and what colleges do you recommend?

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Elaina Oct 16, 2023 225 views

What opportunities are there in investigative psychology ?

What kind of job options are there, and just what does an average day look like?

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Elaina Oct 11, 2023 440 views

Do psychologists ever work with teams?

If you are a psychologist NOT in counseling, do you ever work in teams with other psychologists? If not do you work with other teams of people in general?

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Elaina Oct 05, 2023 337 views

Are there any job types or opportunities in psychology that aren't specifically counseling?

Is there a psycology job where you can just study how the brain works and what causes trauma and things like that instead of counseling people face to face?

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Elaina Oct 04, 2023 307 views

What does your job look like on a daily basis?

What specifically do psycologists do on a regular basis?