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Rick Kolesar

Game Designer
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Cleveland, Ohio
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Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Mar 20 379 views

Is there a good career to go into if I enjoy gaming a lot?

I often spend my time on video games and would like to pursue that because it is something I would be happy doing.

Ava’s Avatar
Ava Nov 21, 2023 345 views

How can I get a start in the video game industry in a city where no opportunities are available?

I dont have the option to move but I can work online.

Savion’s Avatar
Savion Nov 15, 2023 428 views

What are some skills or requirements that I should know about making a game/game designing?

I am specifically talking about animating, modeling, and coding.

A`Mari’s Avatar
A`Mari Nov 10, 2023 554 views

How Do I Make My Own Video Game.?

How Do I Dessing My Video Game

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Sep 21, 2023 364 views

What do Video Game designer do on a daily basis?

Do video game designers create video games

Logan’s Avatar
Logan Oct 17, 2023 466 views

How do i become a video game designer?

i just want to know how to start and how much it pays and what i have to do

Ian’s Avatar
Ian Oct 17, 2023 309 views

when working on games how often can you take breaks?

When making games it is a long process to make 1 game so do you take breaks often.

Ian’s Avatar
Ian Oct 19, 2023 294 views

What's the best way to start a video game designer career company-wise?

My name is Ian and I have an interest in animation