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Palmer, Alaska
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Tabitha Nov 09, 2023 306 views

What are things that you didn't know or didn't expect/wish you knew about culinary , baking or being a chef?

I really what to be prepared for when i go into what i want so it would be nice to know what are things you wish you knew about it.

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Tabitha Nov 09, 2023 314 views

What does you week look like as a chef or a baker?

I was wondering what it would be like in a week of cooking and baking because that is exactly what I want to do and I want to prepare myself for when is my turn to do that.

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Tabitha Nov 09, 2023 294 views

Why did you decide to become a chef or baker?

I want to own my own cafe in the future because it's my dream so I was just wondering what made you want to and what was your dream of it.