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Meme Dec 05, 2023 229 views

What do I need to achieve to have these careers And if I wanted to pursue starting a buisness instead of college where do i start? How do you maintain your life outside of school? Why do I need to have a certain degree for something? - thank you!?

How hard is it to be in college

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Deshani Dec 05, 2023 407 views

How do you find the career that is best fit for you?

i have been thinking a lot about what career path i want to go down and i am having some troubles figuring out what to do. Is it okay not to know what i want to do?

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Gavin Dec 05, 2023 377 views

How to be successful in the programming industry?

What is the environment working with other programmers? What computer languages should I learn? What are some tips to be successful in this very competitive field?