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Vinnie Pereira

Data Engineer
Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Brent Jun 29, 2023 380 views

How do I break into a new industry?

I've been working for 20 years since I graduated from college -- 17 years at a nonprofit research institute and then the last 3 years at a large U.S. bank. My focus has been on identifying, selling/pitching, evaluating and experimenting with innovative ideas in a brought range of areas -- new...

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Alice Aug 01, 2023 442 views

What types of languages should i know for data science?

I know python and some R but is java important to learn too

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Rittika Dec 08, 2023 515 views

I have completed MA in English in 2021. Then i started a course for data science in 2022. I was into sports so there has been a huge year gap. Now should i join any job for money or should I complete projects for excel and sql to showcase them? I am 27 years old now and that course has still not completed.

I need a good future as there is no one to support me. I am an orphan and i dont plan to have any future company.