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Victor Feb 15 358 views

Why is doing football a good idea?

Football allows you to learn so many things. A couple things would be it allows you to be dedicated to a specific thing. Also it makes you want to learn and get good grades so you can keep playing and just do good in school. Another thing is, it makes you happy. Being with your friends and...

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Victor Feb 15 502 views

How to excel in football?

I would like to excel in football because it is what I really like and what I have liked since I was little. I will get good grades, dedicate myself to the game and to school.

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Victor Feb 15 297 views

What is the best way to get a feel for this app?

I'm a Sophomore. I like golf, fishing, hunting, football, basketball, weight lifting and playing video games with friends.

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Victor Feb 13 546 views

What is the purpose of this app?

I'm a sophomore. I play football, basketball, golf and weight lift.