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Theresa Hull

Semi-Retired Diagnostic Ultrasound Sonographer
Healthcare Support Occupations
Mukilteo, Washington
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Ivan Mar 04 581 views

What is a great place to go to college for Math in general?

I like Math.

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Sonia Feb 17 728 views

I truly respect and admire the dedication and compassion required to be a Mortician/Undertaker/Funeral-Director, as my research into funeral service has revealed. To be forthright, I was hoping to conduct a brief interview consisting of just 8 questions for a project assignment by my teacher at LoneStar College. The funeral service profession has always intrigued me, and I wanted to explore whether it might be a path I could pursue. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find someone to interview considering how busy their schedule in this industry is. It would be awesome if my questions could be answered here. I have posted the questions below.

1. What do you do most of the time at work 2.What are the things you enjoy most about your job? What's most rewarding? 3.What are the things you enjoy the least about your job? 4. For most people in this job, what are the greatest struggles? Sacrifices? Adversities? 5. What are the job...