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Jasmine Aug 22, 2016 826 views

What advice do you give to a student whose dream career is susceptible to job/financial instability due to constant evolving and influence by the advancement of technology?

As a journalism major, I'm always concerned about the highs and lows of such a career that is always changing and one that is sometimes susceptible to the loss of jobs due to the advancement of technology?
#college #business #career #science #technology #journalism #human-resources

Devon’s Avatar
Devon May 02, 2016 1356 views

What jobs in technology require the most creativity?

I want to work in technology but I don't want to code or do something that requires a lot of technical skills. I am really creative and love helping and working with people. Are there jobs you suggest I look into? What jobs require a lot of creativity and problem solving? #business #technology...

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Aug 06, 2016 1702 views

Which is more important when choosing a job: salary or work-life balance?

As a high school student, I have many needs and wants throughout the school year. Obviously, I would have to financially support myself if many of my desires are a bit pricey or my parents are no longer supporting me financially (other than food, shelter, etc.) Is it better to take up a...