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Prashant Arora Allahabadi

Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
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Wenge Sep 03, 2016 1520 views

I am thinking about either a career in Network Security or in Machine Learning?

I have few options modules to choose. Basically is Network(Network Theory, Network Security, Cryptography and Information Security) and something like AI (Pattern Recognition, Biologically Inspired Methods, Computational Models)? Please help me. I'm more interested in AI, but it seems it's a...

kyle’s Avatar
kyle May 24, 2016 2434 views

What are some challenges when you are a engineer?

I want to think of a solution for it. #engineering #engineer #data-engineer #game-engines #protein-engineering #unreal-engine

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan May 18, 2016 758 views

What computer or tech classes would be beneficial for me to take to be better prepared for the nursing field and technical issues?

Technology is evolving in the medical world and many hospitals and nursing careers have electronic medical records or charting. #nursing #computer