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Brittany P. Apr 12, 2017 706 views

How do you identify what product you could possibly sell in a local market?

According to a little homework I've done, reading online about what it takes to become an entrepreneur, you don't need to have a fresh, or ground-breaking idea to become a rich entrepreneur (Wal-Mart, Starbucks). I would like to do something that correlates with my passion for all things good...

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Kristen K. Apr 12, 2017 1079 views

If I were to add CareerVillage to my resume under volunteer work, what would I say?

Is it acceptable to add CareerVillage to my resume? If so, how exactly would I describe the job? #resume #resume-writing...


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Anh Tuan P. Apr 12, 2017 648 views

I am studying BA so why do I have to study some subjects which doesnt relate to my major?

I'm studying BA. Besides some academic subject about the economy, I have to study some that don't relate to my major. #economics...