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Gary Stevens

Probation & Parole at Vermont Department of Corrections
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Galicia Oct 16, 2018 1389 views

Do I have to go to the military for I can be able to detective?

I was wondering if going to the military will help my chances into becoming a detective.Since, to be a detective you have to become a police officer first. #law-enforcement

jaleigha’s Avatar
jaleigha Jun 27, 2018 626 views

i want to be developmental disability nurse. Can someone please give me advice about how this works and how many years of college you have to take?

im in 9th grade so i have 4 more years until im in college. i love helping kids with disabilitys and it makes me happy and makes them happy. #disability #nurse #nursing #hospital-and-healthcare #developmental-disabilities

Shayleigh’s Avatar
Shayleigh Jun 27, 2018 684 views

I want to be a police officer/ investigator when I get older what kind of science classes can I take to achieve my goal?

#policeinvestigator #science #police #investigation #investigator #detective #law-enforcement #forensics #course-selection #classes

cheyenne’s Avatar
cheyenne Sep 29, 2017 731 views

What's the best college for majoring in criminology?

i am asking this question because i want to go to the best school so i know everything i need to know to become a cop.
#criminology #law-enforcement #college-selection

Diandre'’s Avatar
Diandre' May 04, 2016 865 views

Do you need law enforcement background such as security and etc. to be a good cop

I am an explorer and is trying to set my career path #law #police #law-enforcement

Bethany’s Avatar
Bethany Sep 01, 2016 3589 views

What is a useful language to learn if I want to have a career in law enforcement?

Specifically, I'm considering a career in the FBI or CIA; however, answers about useful languages for working in local law enforcement would also be appreciated. Thanks! #law-enforcement #foreign-languages