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Di Whitman

Data Analytics | Project and Program Management | Cloud Services
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Seattle, Washington
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Sreshta’s Avatar
Sreshta Jan 16, 2018 548 views

What type of advice do you have for doing college applications effectively?

I am in my second semester of junior year and college applications are around the corner. I was wondering how to do the applications effectively and where they make a lasting impact on the admissions deans.


Ty’s Avatar
Ty Jan 17, 2018 983 views

What is the the most important thing when adjusting to college life?

What should I do or remember? #collegelife

Joy’s Avatar
Joy Jan 25, 2018 1024 views

How does volunteering help you get into college?

At what level would volunteer hours help you get into college? people did a lot of volunteer works, but I don't know how do that would help you get into college. what information do people get from the volunteer works? #college #volunteerhours #collegeadives #collegeadministration...

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Jan 24, 2018 827 views

How will I make the decision of what major to choose if I have multiple fields I’m interested in?

I have multiple fields of work that I’m interested in, and don’t know how I’m going to choose one or the other! Are there ways to determine which is the best career path for me? #careers #collegemajors #major

Tabatha’s Avatar
Tabatha Jan 16, 2018 520 views

How will I know when I am truly ready to go to college?

I'm asking this question because it's been a major topic pressing on my mind. I want to make sure that I have a brief understanding of independence and adulthood before taking that next big step. I've already been accepted into my school of choice, now its all about preparation. #collegepreparation

Luis’s Avatar
Luis Oct 25, 2016 956 views

What and how can I perpared myself for college?

Help me I really want to go to my dream college. #college #college-bound

Tram’s Avatar
Tram Jun 10, 2016 1159 views

What are the advices you want to tell the younger you when you were in college? Study- wise, career-wise ...

I want to hear the tips from college graduated to enhance my college experiences. #college #graduated