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Samuel Nov 17, 2022 529 views

What are some good tech internships I should look into in HS?

I'm interested in computer hardware and I have built a PC in the past but I don't want to get an internship at a fast food restaurant, I want an internship that connects to my interests in technology.

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skylar Sep 01, 2017 1153 views

What are potential career paths for a Management Information Systems bachelors degree?

I would like to start a sustainable social business but I do not know exactly what I want to do yet except help people and the environment! Technology is used in practically every field so I feel as if this would be a good major. #business #sustainability #sustainable-development...

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Savannah Sep 01, 2017 813 views

What are top schools for business majors?

I am interested in obtaining my degree in business with a focus on accounting and I need a school that is both affordable and beneficial for this career. #accounting #business #college-major

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Alejandro Jan 16, 2018 665 views

Besides attending networking events, what is the best advice one can get about meeting with those who can help in getting your name mentioned to those who work where you would like to begin your career?

I attend various chamber events and meet with many individuals but I would like to know how to use my time wisely. Should I be attending 3 events a week or should it be 1 that is geared directly for business?
#business #international-business #business-networking #networking

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Dezire Aug 15, 2018 716 views

What’s a good plan B to have if you’re someone who’s interested in the arts?

I always think about having my own business one day so I’m wondering in addition to majoring in acting and minoring in dance or directing or writing, what’s the best field within business to take on?

#backupplan #ownbusinessoneday #arthasmyheart #actress #perform

N’s Avatar
N Mar 26, 2018 715 views

What major in the business field will be in most demand in the future?

I am an undecided business major right now and don't know which major to choose.