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Lainie H. May 25, 2016 511 views

As a nurse, when in your career, and how did you deal with the first patient that passed away? How or did this impact how you cared for patients afterwards?

I want to be a nurse, more specifically, I want to work with sick children. I want to make them smile even when they do not feel like it. I want to be a comforting presence to them when they are scared or in pain. I am even thinking I want to work with children who are in treatment for...

#nursing #nurse-practitioner #hospice-nurse #registered-nurses #icu-nurse #nurse #pediatrics

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Kiara D. Feb 15, 2017 517 views

What types of high school classes does an ICU nurse require?

I want to become a nurse when I get older and help other people. #nurse #healthcare...


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Kiara D. Feb 15, 2017 470 views

What state requirements do I need to be able to become an ICU nurse?

I want to know what state requirements I need. I need to have certain requirements to become an ICU nurse. #nurse #nursing-education...


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Zitlali G. Jan 12, 2018 379 views

If I already took Biology and Chemistry what other class could I take in highschool to help me become a Registered Nurse

Im a #highschool student wanting to become a Registered Nurse I'm done with my two required #classes and I would like to know what other class I could take to help me achieve my goal of becoming a #registered-nurse #nursing #healthcare...


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Jada M. Jan 17, 2018 409 views

If you have a weak stomach now will it affect wanting to be a #nurse?

I’m notorious for having a weak stomach but I want to become a nurse; does over time people learn to deal with it. #nurse #nursing #healthcare #medicine...


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Rebecca O. Apr 09, 2018 233 views

Nurses-what made you choose your specific specialty?

I'm thinking about pursuing nursing, but I am unsure what to specialize in. I am interested in labor and delivery, pediatrics and NICU nursing, but I would be interested in hearing the perspective of nurses of all different specialties. #nursing #pediatric-nursing #maternal-newborn-care...


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Jessica A. Oct 23, 2018 200 views
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Tania I. Dec 12, 2018 251 views

Registered Nurse

How do I prepare for a nursing interview? What do you find he hardest part of being a nurse? #nurse...