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Grant Morgan

Director, Global Managed Services and Outsourcing at AT&T
Management Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
San Diego, California
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Benjamin’s Avatar
Benjamin Jan 22, 2018 478 views

How do I get in the NBA?

Im pretty good at basketball and I want to go to the nba. In anyway or play overseas.

Jeron’s Avatar
Jeron Aug 25, 2018 789 views

Why study Business Marketing as a major?

I'm trying to find out if that would be the right course to take. #college-major #choosing-a-major #majors #college-majors

Ajaysia’s Avatar
Ajaysia Aug 28, 2018 548 views

Can you become a successful photographer and a psychologist major at the same time?

I would want to major in Psychology, but my dream job is to become a photographer so I can travel the world and venture out to new cultures and environments. #shehastodreambig!

Kaesin’s Avatar
Kaesin Nov 27, 2018 601 views

Where would be the best area to live in to work as a horse trainer and a riding instructor?

I currently live in South Dakota, but I plan on going to college in Iowa for Equine Management. Would Iowa be a good place to work in for training and instructing? If not there, what other areas would bring me the most clients and would be good environment-wise? (weather, terrain, etc.) I would...

Mariya’s Avatar
Mariya Oct 29, 2018 1109 views

During high school, should I continue volunteering or get a job?

I am currently in high school and am an aspiring psychiatrist. Although there is a long way to go, I want to be as prepared as possible. I am aware that the cost of college and medical school is quite hefty and would like to tend to that as proactively as I can. However, is having money to pay...