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Shelby Pierce

Homeowner Support Coordinator/IDA Program Specialist at Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East
Management Occupations - Community and Social Service Occupations
Portland, Oregon
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Greysen’s Avatar
Greysen Aug 12, 2018 1173 views

What should I go to school for to work in a nonprofit?

I am really interested in working in a nonprofit, maybe something that has to do with LGBT, kids, or human rights. I think I would be interested in being a therapist of some sort within the organization. I was just wondering what would be suggested for me to go to school for to major in, and...

Eden’s Avatar
Eden Aug 28, 2018 454 views

How do I go about finding scholarships that I have an actual chance of recieving?

I am taking a gap year, and since I am no longer in high school, there are not as many resources available to me. I need help figuring out how to find scholarships. #college

John’s Avatar
John Jan 17, 2019 336 views

Need help deciding which program should I choose Social work or Community worker?

Hello my name is john and I am college student taking Community Worker program, I was hoping someone could help me on deciding which program should I take Social work or Community worker. I love to work in both areas, which makes it hard to choose, and I was wondering give me information on...